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About Our Practice

Welcome to Essex Periodontics & Implants.

We, at Essex Periodontics, promise to provide our patients with great dental care.

We take great pride in maintaining a high level of integrity for providing comfort, quality and options. Dr. Richard Shin is also known for establishing a long term and professional relationship with all of his patients and their referring doctors.

Essex Periodontics utilizes all of the state-of-the-art technology equipment such as 3D dental CT scan Picaso Duo machine, Digital X ray machines, Computer Guided Surgical Unit, piezo Surgical machine and the Waterlaze MD for Laser periodontal Surgery. These tools help achieve the best post-operative results and increase a higher surgical success. Essex Periodontics strives to achieve its patient's satisfaction.

Also our treatment.

  • None-Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Treatment including Scaling Root Planning/Regular Cleaning/Osseous Surgery(Gum Surgery) - we expertise to save and maintain the teeth and gum.
  • Dental Implants/ Advanced Dental Implant Surgery
  • Connective Tissue Graft (Gum Grafting) for receding gum - It will bring your teeth less sensitive and look younger.
  • Bone Grafting / Other Complex Grafting Procedure
  • Sinus Grafting/ Ridge Augumentation
  • Simple and Surgical Tooth Extraction
  • Oral Medicine
  • We provide affordable dental care by offering a payment plan and care credit.

    As dental implant and periontal surgery require high technology, choosing an experienced, competant periodontist who cares, post- surgical services is the key to have it done successfully.

    Dr. Shin, registered member of AAP, AO, ADA, a clinical instructor and a dental surgeon with diverse case experiences who promises the best dental service.

    From dental implant to gum transplantation; Specialized in periodontal and teeth transplantation.

  • Periodontal Surgery Care
  • Gum Transplantation/Gum Treatment/Bone Graft Procedure
  • Implant/Teeth Transplantation/Extraction
  • Essex Periodontics is dedicated in giving a highest quality of dental care for the whole family. From the initial consultation and beyond.

    The caring and compassionate staff will be with you every step of the way.

    At Essex, we understand how a beautiful smile affects and enhances the lives and health of their patients.

    Do you have an emegency? Or Need Financial help?

    Please don't hesitate if you have an emergency or you need financial help we can sort out financial issues for you. Please get in touch with us asap so we can start helping you.