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Green CT 2 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH (Optional), CBCT and MODEL Scan. It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining imaging processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from VATECH.

CBCT Alpine Dental Implant NJ

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) for Guided Dental Implant Surgery

AlpinePeriodontics utilizes the latest technology related to dental implant surgery. With our in-office Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) scanner, we are able to get cross-sectional images immediately. CBCT delivers high clarity imagery with significantly less radiation than conventional scanners.

CBCT Alpine Dental Implant NJ

Guided dental implant surgery is when the dental surgeon utilizes advanced machinery and imaging technology to “guide” or aid them to manufacture and place dental implants more efficiently, precisely and accurately. ... We then utilized advanced computer technology to place the implant.

Dental Implant Surgery

What are the Benefits? Computer-guided,the most up-to-date digital technology, implant placement allows us to make smaller, precise, and cleaner incisions, which is incredibly beneficial to patients. Smaller incisions ultimately help patients recover from surgery much faster, and often with fewer complications


  • Sometimes NO Stitches, Shorter Procedure
  • Surgical precision and Punctual Surgical Time
  • Less Post-OP Pain, Quicker Healing Time
  • Predictable Results

  • The future of bone surgery?

    When mectron introduced PIEZOSURGERY® in 2001, the technology was revolutionary for bone surgery: a device which provided precision, safety, perfect ergonomics and the highest quality to surgeons all around the world. Soon the new technology became the benchmark for bone surgery devices.

    In 2011, mectron presents a benchmark again: the new PIEZOSURGERY® touch. Its exclusive black glass touch screen, its easy to handle user interface and features like the new handpiece with rotatable LED lift ergonomics in surgery to a completely new level.

    So get ready for selecting bone quality and irrigation flow rate at the touch of your finger – get ready for the new PIEZOSURGERY® touch

    When it comes to cutting bone, you can of course use traditional burs and saws. They do cut bone, too – but they do not differentiate: any soft tissue getting in their way will also be cut.

    The special ultrasonic microvibrations of the original PIEZOSURGERY® technique cut bone – and nothing else. No soft tissue is damaged, which allows you to work with a precision that facilitates not only surgery itself, but reduces postoperative discomfort for your patients at the same time.

    Micrometric cuts

    PIEZOSURGERY ® provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation.

    Selective cuts

    Selective cuts protects any kind of soft tissue. Nerves, vessels and membranes will not be injured while cutting bone. Thus PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum safety for surgeons and patients.

    Cavitation effect

    PIEZOSURGERY® offers maximum intra-operative visibility. The cavitation effect of the ultrasonic movements lead to a blood-free surgical site.

    Patient benefits

  • soft tissue will be protected, f.e. in lateral sinus lift surgery the risk of perforation is reduced over 80%
  • Less swelling after surgery with PIEZOSURGERY®
  • Faster and better osseointegration after implant site preparation with PIEZOSURGERY®
  • Pfaster and less traumatic post-operative recovery
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