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When I was referred to Essex Periodontics,..
I didn't know what to expect. From the first visit I felt like I was receiving the most thorough exam, comprehensive and caring dental consultion and had access to the newest technologies and all of these things has continued to this day.
Rose D.
I needed a dental implant due..
to a failed root canal. From the beginning, Dr. Shin and his entire staff were extremely professional and welcoming. There were numerous issues associated with the failed root canal---loss of bone in the area and a bad sinus infection---and Dr. Shin took care of everything! The office is fresh, modern and beautiful. The staff works diligently with patients on any insurance and post-op concerns you may have. I assure you, from start to finish...a wonderful and positive experience!
Tom Aldahn
Highly recommend Dr. Shin for dental implants!!
Dr. Shin is great. He always welcomed me and his staff members are always friendly and responsive. I had one missing teeth and gum problems. He placed me one implant on my lower second molar and I am very satisfied with the result. Dr. Shin has done a wonderful job on my teeth and I started to realize that he really is an expert on implant surgery.
Kari Tarr
Love Essex Periodontics and Dental Implant
I had an infection because of a bad root canal, so I had to get an implant at Essex Periodontics. The staff is great here. Really friendly staff and they were just really helpful. Dr. Shin really knows his stuff and does a great job. Very minimal pain after the procedure.
Ash Robinson

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